About Us

What We Do

Our mission is to create greater public awareness in an effort to educate the public, and individuals suffering from this disease. We hope that individuals suffering from sickle cell disease, and their families, will benefit from greater knowledge and will be empowered to manage their health effectively and live happy and healthy lifestyles.

Why We Do It

“It Takes A Village to Raise a Child” – Anonymous

The Sickle Cell Cares Foundation provides information to individuals and families going through the struggles of dealing with this disease. With continuing research on Sickle Cell Disease being conducted, the organization will provide up to date information on the care and treatment of Sickle Cell Disease.

Future Goals

The Sickle Cell Cares Foundation plans to develop its support initiative by introducing financial support to patients, counseling and mental health support to patients and their families, and bridging the gap between patients and their healthcare providers by establishing a patient-doctor network.