Sickle Cell Disease

T-Shirt Competition

In an effort to raise awareness about Sickle cell disease; the Sickle Cell Cares Foundation hosted a T-Shirt Design Competition on the 14th of June which ran until July 10th. A total of 13 entries were submitted, of which the top three with the most likes would get a prize.

The participants had to either create a back or breast print design in which they incorporated the colours red, a fact about sickle cell and the foundation’s motto ‘Non sibi sed omnibus’; which means not for one but for all. 

Thanks to our sponsors First Caribbean international Bank, National Cooperative Credit Union, Network Trading Ltd., Digicel and Bunny’s we were able to award 3 prizes. First place prizes consist of $200 EC and a voucher from Bunny’s, second place prize $200EC and $30 Digicel top up and third place prize $100EC and $30 Digicel top up

1st Place:

The first-place winner is 17-year-old Jemima Mills, who created both a back and pocket design.
A picture containing drawing

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Picture On the left: pocket design

Picture on the right: back design

Description: This design depicts a strong woman who suffers from Sickle Cells and is not letting the disease get the best of her. She has learned that Sickle Cell can be cured through gene therapy and seeks to invigorate everyone around her to get educated about the possible cures of Sickle cells. She uses her acquired knowledge as a superpower to not only heal herself but to heal others as well. Gene therapy or Genetic engineering is well known for knocking out the genes which code for specific disorders such as this one and Super Woman is ready to knock out these genes for herself, and for others as well!

Special Characters were added to give an even more in-depth description of this disease. The (C) follows the shape of a sickle cell blood cell which is abnormally shaped compared to that of a normal red blood cell. The (S), illustrates two sickle cells joining together portraying the fact that sickle cell is carried to an offspring by two carriers of the disease, that is both Mother and Father carry the trait for the disease. The (I) and the (L) both depict blood drops and this is to show that just one drop of blood can save a sickle cell patient’s life through blood donation of course.

2nd place:

The second-place winner is 17-year-old Josmyne Flossiac who created a back design A picture containing food

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3rd place:

The third-place winner is 18-year-old Zinielle Vital, who created both a back and pocket design.
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Image on the left: Pocket design

Description: On the front pocket, a deep red sickle incorporated into a red heart. I wanted to do a simple yet impactful design that makes clear the purpose of your foundation at first glance. That is, caring for (heart: universal symbol for love and care) persons affected by the genetic sickle cell disease (deep red sickle cut from the heart). Below, the foundation name and motto, “Non Sibi, Sed Omnibus (not for one’s self but for all)”

Image on the right: back design

Description: On the back, I designed an infographic displaying how the sickle cell disease is inherited as this is one of the most important things one should know when trying to understand more about this disease. Rather than a text fact simply printed on the back of a t-shirt, a clear and clean visual is far more eye catching.

Below that, the foundation name and motto in the same font as the front pocket logo. 

On September 11th the winning participants were each awarded their prizes.

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